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Introducing our new refinance options for Student Loans!

Take Control of Your Student Loan Repayment

If you’re juggling multiple student loan payments every month, let F&A help you take control of your obligations with our student loan refinance program. Refinance and consolidate both private and federal student loans*, setting up one convenient payment and potentially lowering your rate.

Our student loan refinancing comes with:

  • Competitive interest rates 
  • Loan limit up to $75,000
  • Flexible repayment terms to fit your needs
  • Easy online application and instant credit decision
  • F&A – a lender you can trust

Whether you want to lower your interest rate, pay your loans off sooner, or reduce your monthly payment, we’ve got options to fit your needs.

Apply online today, or visit our Student Choice website for more information. 


*By refinancing federal student loans, you may lose certain borrower benefits from your original loans, including interest rate discounts, principal rebates, or some cancellation benefits that can significantly reduce the cost of repaying your loans.

NOTE: The U.S. Department of Education has extended federal student loan repayment relief in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. If you are considering refinancing your federal student loans, please make sure to review these measures at to understand your options.



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