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  • Unsecured Loan Rates Slashed Too!
    Unsecured loan rates are too high, but not at F&A. Read more.
  • urMONEY Savings Account
    We want to help teach the next generation how to save and show how small savings can become big rewards. Read more.
  • Our Financial Strength
    2013 was another successful year for F&A and its members. Although we didn't match the financial performance of... Read more.
  • Extra Awards
    Earn points towards cash, travel and gifts with every purchase you make. Think of it like a frequent flyer program - only better. Read More.
    In a world with many financial obligations and options, it's no wonder money management often seems overwhelming! That’s why F&A is offering our members... Read more.
  • Traveling Out of North America?
    With the amount of fraud occurring from foreign countries that have obtained credit and debit card numbers, some countries have been blocked from transactions. Read More.
  • Fraud and Scam Updates
    Don't accept checks from people you dont' know! For more information go to fakechecks.org. Also, you can visit the F&A Fraud Center to better understand different types of e-fraud.
  • Looking for a new car?
    Let F&A and Autoland help you find a new vehicle. Read More
Important Information About Real Estate Foreclosure
S.A.F.E Act
In accordance with the Secure and Fair Enforcement for Mortgage Licensing Act (commonly referred to as the S.A.F.E. Act), please find a list of registered Mortgage Loan Originators with their unique identifiers for F&A Federal Credit Union:
Ida Lowe (440857), Aida M.Gutierrez (451789), Janet C. Wong (451792), M. Dolores Jang (451791), Ann M. Hernandez (451790), Pamela S. Chick (464390), Michael Harden (709801), Debra Jimenez (955552), Bruce Hull (1081097)
  F&A Federal Credit Union
  2625 Corporate Place, Monterey Park, CA 91754
  TEL: 1-800-222-1226 | webservices@fafcu.org