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F&A was chartered in 1936 to provide financial services to employees of the Los Angeles County Forestry, Fire and Agricultural Departments. From opening day assets of $26, F&A has grown to holdings of over $2 billion and over 46,500 members. In addition to employees and families of the Forestry, Fire, Agricultural and Weights & Measures Departments, F&A serves employees and families of cities that contract services with the LA County Fire Department, plus various other cities employees throughout Los Angeles County. As one of the largest credit unions in America, we've had a singular commitment for over 85 years:

To ensure that our members receive caring and personal service along with exceptional value.

F&A Federal Credit Union is a full service financial institution insured by the federal government. But we are not a bank. We are a not-for profit financial cooperative organized solely for the needs of our members. Since credit unions are owned and controlled by members, profits are returned directly to the membership in the form of higher dividend rates on savings and lower rates on loans—not returned to stockholders, like with for profit banks.

As a member/owner, you also have a voice in how we operate. Our Board of Directors is comprised solely of member-elected volunteers (your peers).
In short, we're here to serve our members. And since we're members as well, it's in our best interest to make sure we hold true to our commitment of value.

We help our members reach their financial goals at every life stage by providing access to the highest value products, superior service, and trusted advice.

Daily Maintenance

For your security, F&A Online and Mobile Banking will be updated and unavailable nightly from 10:00 p.m. to 10:10 p.m. We appreciate your understanding.