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Keeping your accounts secure.

F&A is committed to your account safety and we have a collection of tools designed to prevent fraud. Learn more about each one.

  1. Card Lock This program lets you use your mobile device or computer to switch your F&A credit or debit cards off and on as needed. It’s great for fraud prevention or if you temporarily misplace your card.
  2. Real Time Alerts1 This free service sends a text message to your phone seconds after purchases. It can help you to identify unauthorized charges fast, track spending, and is available on both F&A debit and credit cards.
  3. EMV Chips All F&A debit and credit cards contain anti-fraud EMV chip technology. The embedded chip creates a single-use code that helps reduce fraud and makes card counterfeiting much more difficult.
  4. Fraud Center The telephone number for the Fraud Center is 800-417-4592. Be sure to add it to your phone’s contacts.


1The amount may vary at restaurants and gas stations depending on the amount they put through for the authorization. F&A does not charge a fee for Real Time Alerts. These important messages are sent to you as a text message and standard text messaging rates apply. Check with your wireless carrier. Authorizations will be sent to you as they are received by F&A, which can be any time during the day or night, and may be dependent on your service availability. F&A is not responsible for an alert not being sent or received. You may also cancel whenever you choose. You must be joint/co-borrower to link a card. 

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Daily Maintenance

For your security, F&A Online and Mobile Banking will be updated and unavailable nightly from 10:00 p.m. to 10:10 p.m. We appreciate your understanding.