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F&A Online and Mobile banking includes security features to help keep your account information safe.

encryptionEncrypting Your Information
We use industry standard encryption to protect your personal information, such as your user name, password and account information, when it travels over the Internet. You can be sure your information is encrypted when the Internet address starts with "https://" and a lock symbol is shown in your web browser. Our mobile applications use secure technology to protect you and your financial information. Some mobile features will be unavailable on devices that have been jailbroken, rooted, or contain malicious software.

safetyOnline Banking Safety
In order to provide an additional layer of security, some transactions require two levels of authentication. You can also opt-in to added security using two-factor authentication by navigating to Settings > Security in Online or Mobile banking.

messagingSecure Messaging
We encrypt the messages you send and receive in our Secure Message Center. If you send us a message through other sources such as email or via our website, they are not secure. That's why we ask you not to send us confidential information, such as your Social Security number, member, or account numbers, through unsecured email, text or other messaging systems. Instead, please use our Secure Message Center, or send the information to us through the US mail, contact us by phone, or visit one of our branches.

transactionsYour Role in Preventing Unauthorized Transactions
Protect your login credentials – your username, password, and any other unique biometric attributes (such as facial recognition or fingerprint) used to access our digital services.

Prevent unauthorized access to your accounts by keeping your login credentials confidential and ensure that you log out when you are finished using our digital services.

We will never call, text, or otherwise ask you to share your login credentials. If you notice something's not right with your account, contact us immediately at 800-222-1226.

We help our members reach their financial goals at every life stage by providing access to the highest value products, superior service, and trusted advice.

Daily Maintenance

For your security, F&A Online and Mobile Banking will be updated and unavailable nightly from 10:00 p.m. to 10:10 p.m. We appreciate your understanding.