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The Premier Rewards Visa® credit card comes with Extra Awards!

Extra Awards on the F&A Premier Rewards Visa credit card helps you get more from life. For starters, you earn points for qualifying purchases — and then you can redeem those points for useful rewards.

Here’s how it works:

Use your F&A Premier Rewards Visa credit card for day-to-day expenses, big-ticket items and beyond… and watch the points add up. You'll earn one point for every $1 spent when you sign for purchases using your F&A Premier Rewards Visa credit card. The points do not expire, and there are no maximum point accumulations.

Redeem your points for the rewards you want - travel, gift cards, or cash back!

Here's a look at what you can get with your Extra Awards points:

  • Gift cards for hundreds of your favorite stores and restaurants. Use them yourself or give them to others to enjoy as gifts
  • Travel rewards for flights, hotels, car rentals, cruises, vacation experiences and more. The choice is yours with Extra Awards
  • Cash to spend however you want. Plus you can enjoy the convenience of having your cash award automatically deposited into your F&A account

It’s easy to redeem your points.

Simply access your Extra Awards account through F&A Online Banking and redeem your points for the award of your choice. Or speak with a representative by calling 855-854-5493 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. CT, Monday – Friday.

If you have an F&A Premier Rewards Visa credit card, visit Online Banking to access your Extra Awards account today!


Program Rules
1. For the most current version of the Program rules, redemption options, and reward requirements, call a Program representative at 855-854-5493.
2. You earn rewards for qualifying transactions during the Program period less any credits and plus or minus any adjustments. Some transaction types may not be eligible for reward accrual. Contact your financial institution to determine transaction eligibility, eligibility dates, or for special promotions.
3. Errors in the addition or deduction of rewards can occur and may be corrected by the Program provider or your financial institution at any time without notice.
4. Redemption options and the corresponding rewards required for redemption, limitations on reward accrual, including monthly, quarterly, and/or yearly reward maximums, reward expiration periods, and increase or decrease in value of net reward accrual are determined by, and may be modified by, your financial institution at any time. Redemptions must be made prior to reward expiration dates.
6. Reasonable steps will be taken to prevent the introduction of viruses or other destructive materials to Web sites associated with this Program. However, neither your financial institution, the Program administrator, or the Program provider warrant, guarantee, or make any representations that sites will be free of destructive materials or that the sites will be uninterrupted or error-free. We assume no responsibility for any loss or damage caused by your access or inability to access the sites.
7. Program statements will be available on a periodic basis as determined by your financial institution. Statements will normally reflect the adjusted number of rewards earned, based on previous balance, net purchases, and deductions due to redemption activity. Your financial institution must be notified of any errors or reward discrepancies within 60 days of the date when the error occurred.
8. Rewards can be used to order redemptions described on the Program website, which may be updated without notice. Reward requirements assigned to any redemption are subject to change without notice, and redemption options may be discontinued at any time. Rewards may be redeemed for cash or credit as determined by your financial institution and may not be used in conjunction with promotions or discounts offered outside of this Program. Your financial institution may also limit transferability between accounts and incorporation with other institution Programs or offerings. Rewards have no monetary value outside the Program nor can they be combined or transferred with or to other loyalty programs.
9. You are responsible for submitting correct information when placing a redemption. Orders requiring correction may be subject to additional fees or may not be processed.
10. Your account must be in good standing (i.e. not delinquent or canceled, or otherwise not usable for charges) to use rewards. Your financial institution reserves the right to terminate or suspend your standing in the Program or deduct rewards from your accumulated total if your account is not in good standing. Your financial institution also reserves the right to establish reward reinstatement procedures and associated fees as applicable. Rewards may be forfeited due to Rules violations.
11. This Program may be changed or terminated at any time without notice, restriction, or penalty. This means that regardless of a Participant’s level of activity in the Program, the ability to accumulate rewards or make redemptions can be terminated with or without prior notice. The redemption value of rewards already accumulated may be changed at any time without notice and without restriction or penalty.
12. Any liability for taxes including federal, state, or local income, sales, use, or other taxes or gratuities imposed on a redemption received from this Program will be the sole responsibility of the participant receiving the redemption and not the financial institution, the Program provider, or any of its affiliates.
13. Every effort has been made to ensure that the information in the Program communications is accurate. The Program is not responsible for errors or omissions and reserves the right to correct such errors at any time, even if it affects a pending redemption order.
14. Contact your financial institution to determine if additional rules apply to your participation in the Program.
15. This Program is available to account holders of specified account types at financial institutions that have contracted with the Program provider.
16. This Program is void where prohibited by law.
17. Services to administer the Program are being provided by and are the responsibility of the Program administrator. The financial institution, the Program provider and the Program administrator assume no liability or responsibility for the provision of, or failure to provide, the respective services being provided by the administrator. The administrator is an independent contractor and is not affiliated with the financial institution. You agree to hold the Program provider, the administrator, and your financial institution harmless if the supplier of merchandise or services files for bankruptcy or otherwise goes out of business after you have redeemed your rewards and before you use the item or service. You accept all terms and conditions in the Program rules and release and hold the Program provider, the administrator, and your financial institution harmless from any claim, liability or damage relating to this Program or use of any Program item you receive and neither the Program provider, the administrator, nor your financial institution shall be held liable for any bodily harm, property damage, or injuries incurred which may result from participating in the Program, or which may result from the provision of goods or services by suppliers.
18. These Program Rules are supplemented from time to time by the terms and conditions and Program rules set forth on the Program website. In addition, any Program rules presented to you during the redemption of rewards, and any additional rules published by your financial institution, also apply.
19.Using your account following receipt of these rules constitutes agreement to these rules by you.

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