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California State University, University of California, California Community College systems, Hastings College of the Law


As of 2002, the college systems of California State University, University of California, California Community College, and Hastings College of the Law have implemented a NO MANDATORY FEE or NO TUITION requirement for any spouse or child of a firefighter killed in the Line-of-Duty during prevention or suppression duties, and was a resident of California at the time of death.

Students must notify the college or university they plan to attend there and they are the survivor of a firefighter killed in the Line-of Duty, and they qualify under the sections 68120-68124 of the California Education Code.

California State Workers' Compensation

May be eligible for a burial benefit of $ 5,000 one time. May be eligible for some % of salary - especially if you had a second job or previous career. May also be eligible for installment payments or a one time lump sum of (in Line-of-Duty death only} : one dependent - up to $250,000 (as of Jan/06) three or more dependents - up to $320,000 (as of Jan/06)


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