Some F&A members are receiving phone calls and texts from people claiming to be from F&A’s Fraud Department, and the caller ID appears to come from F&A. 

These callers are impersonating F&A employees in order to obtain your F&A login information. They want access to your F&A accounts so they can steal from you. Hang up on them.

If someone contacts you and asks for your account login information, never provide it. Ever. If we contact you, we will never ask for it. F&A employees will never call you to verify or ask for your online or mobile banking login information, card security codes, PINs, or one-time passcodes. One-time passcodes should never be shared with anyone!

The caller may try to reassure you that it's OK to share this information—it’s never OK. Please hang up.

In fact, if you ever question the validity of a call, hang up. (If it’s us, our feelings won’t be hurt.) Then call us back at 800-222-1226 and speak with a Call Center Representative.

Learn about fraud prevention in the Fraud & Identity Theft Center under Financial Wellness, or call 800-222-1226.