Fraud Prevention Tools

Keeping your accounts secure.

F&A is committed to your account safety and we have a collection of tools designed to prevent fraud. Learn more about each one.

  • Card Lock This program lets you use your mobile device or computer to switch your F&A credit or debit cards off and on as needed. It’s great for fraud prevention or if you temporarily misplace your card.
  • Real Time Alerts1 This free service sends a text message to your phone seconds after purchases. It can help you to identify unauthorized charges fast, track spending, and is available on both F&A debit and credit cards.
  • EMV Chips All F&A debit and credit cards contain anti-fraud EMV chip technology. The embedded chip creates a single-use code that helps reduce fraud and makes card counterfeiting much more difficult.
  • Virtual Card2 Receive a separate card number linked to your existing F&A credit or debit card account. Register your virtual card with merchants for recurring payments – if your physical card is lost or stolen, your automatic payments won’t be affected.
  • Fraud Center The telephone number for the Fraud Center is 800-417-4592. Be sure to add it to your phone’s contacts.

Learn more about how to protect yourself in our Fraud and Identity Theft Center.

1The amount may vary at restaurants and gas stations depending on the amount they put through for the authorization. F&A does not charge a fee for Real Time Alerts. These important messages are sent to you as a text message and standard text messaging rates apply. Check with your wireless carrier. Authorizations will be sent to you as they are received by F&A, which can be any time during the day or night, and may be dependent on your service availability. F&A is not responsible for an alert not being sent or received. You may also cancel whenever you choose. You must be joint/co-borrower to link a card. 2Note: We have experienced issues with using Virtual Cards at State Farm and Spectrum. Recurring payments may need to be kept on your physical card for some merchants.