Real Time Alerts sends a text message out seconds after you make a purchase using your F&A debit or credit card. You will also be alerted of denied and refunded transactions. This new feature is aimed to help catch fraud early and will assist you in tracking spending instead of dealing with receipts.

You have the choice to have either your debit or credit card loaded or both. This can be done for your card or for other cards linked to your account or cards in your name for an account in which you are joint.

In each message you will be shown credit/debit card purchase, ATM transaction, approval, denial or refund, the amount*, the last four of the card number used, account (savings, checking or visa), location/ store name and to call the Credit Union or number on the back of your card if the transaction is not yours.

To sign up for this feature, login to Online Banking or call 800-222-1226. For additional questions, view F&A's Real Time Alerts FAQ's.

*The amount may vary at restaurants and gas stations depending on the amount they put through for the authorization.

F&A does not charge a fee for this service. Real Time Alerts are sent to you as a text message and standard text messaging rates will apply. Check with your wireless carrier. Authorizations will be sent to you as they are received by F&A, which can be any time during the day or night, and may be dependent on your service availability. F&A is not responsible for an alert not being sent or received. You may also cancel whenever you choose. You must be joint/co-borrower to link a card.