Kids ages 12 to 19 can explore the wonderful world of Biz Kid$!

Explore Biz Kid$ financial and entrepreneurial games and television shows.

Biz Kid$ is a national financial education initiative funded and administered by the National Credit Union Foundation. Using a clever blend of entertainment and education, each Biz Kid$ financial game and television episode shows kids how to make and manage money by introducing concepts of financial literacy and entrepreneurship.

About Biz Kid$ the Series

Biz Kid$ is an Emmy Award-winning public television series about kids, money, and business. The series includes 65 episodes and reaches over million viewers per episode. To keep young viewers engaged, the series includes a fast-paced mix of direct education delivered by young actors, sketch comedies, animation, and stories featuring real life young entrepreneurs.

Credit Union Sponsorship

The National Credit Union Foundation is responsible for fundraising, outreach and administrative responsibilities for Biz Kid$. Their literacy programs provide credit unions with financial education materials for kids. The Foundation's involvement solidifies the commitment that America’s credit unions have to educate our youth in the skills necessary to be financially literate.